A cat is a very friendly animal to be with as a pet. They are usually small animals and they are in carnivorous class and typically furry. They are also called house cat to distinguish them from the other wild cats we have and also they stay with us indoors. Many people have preferred cat for their companionship and their ability to hunt other disturbing animals like rat in their homes. Cats are of many breed and they are more than seventy breeds with different standards. Cats usually require less attention compared to dogs because they often keep to themselves most of the time.


Owing a cat in your home is a wise decision because you will decrease stress because cat is very soothing and calms chemical in your body. You will also decrease the level of anxiety and make you relax and distract you from your worries. Your pet which is the cat will make you sleep will. Most of women in some of the countries prefer to sleep with the cat because they will sleep better more than when they are sleeping with their partners.


These Cats usually reveal and talk more of your personality and dogs' lovers are on the life of the party tendency. Cats actually lowers your stress level since there is less effort needed compared with dogs hence lowering the anxiety amount in your life. Having a cat as your pet will always comfort you when you are in difficult times and make you feel okay.


Mourning people feels good again when you talk to your cat in order to work out your feelings. This is the reason why people should take a step of benefit and get a cat. Learn how to take care cats in



Guys who are single and they don't get dates from women you should get one also. Women believe those guys with cat or who loves animals are nice. So when you have a cat you will find the other significant. Those people who own cats are more intelligent like their pet cat. This is according to researchers and also they usually work for longer hours. This is because cat requires low attention at than dogs. It is not easy to ignore a cat when it is in need because nowadays cat have taught themselves to make remarkable cries like that of our babies. Cats are not stubborn like dogs and that why you will live long with cat as your pet.